Step 1

Set up a simple button in canvas in a game scene and call it anything. We prefer “Send game invites”

Figure 1 : Step I (Send Game invites)

Step 2

  1. Expand your GG_Game_Invites prefab.
  2. Then, select the child object Gamergraph_SendGameInvites
  3. In the inspector, assign the button you created in step 1 into the slot in the script.

Figure 2 : Step II (Send Game invites)

And that's it!
You can now easily send game invites!

After you login and click the send game invites button, you’ll be presented with the following screen to select a game.

Figure 3 : Select a game

In this screen, click any of the select buttons to select a game. The invites will be sent for this game.

When you press select, you'll be presented with the following screen, i.e. your friends.

Figure 4 : Select Friends

Once you have selected your friends by pressing the select button, tap the send invites button at the bottom. And when the invites are sent, you’ll be presented with a screen that tells you that invites have been sent!

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