Step 1

  1. Expand the GG_Friends prefab and click on Gamergraph_MyFriends.
  2. You’ll see something like this in the inspector.

Figure 1 : Step I (See Friend List)


All you have to add here is a simple plain unity UI button into the position pointed by the red arrow.

Step 2

Create a UI button, and name it whatever you want, as shown below. 

Figure 2 : Step II (See Friend List)

Step 3

  1. Now as shown previously, go ahead and expand the GG_Friends prefab.
  2. Select the Gamergraph_MyFriends object, and assign this newly created button in the slot designated by the blue arrow.

Figure 3 : Step III (See Friend List)


Congratulations! You have successfully setup your friends list.

Press play, and click on the friends list button (0 friction), or login and then click the button. If you have any friends, they will to shown to you right away!

In case you have friends, you will see a similar screen like below:

Figure 4 : My Friends

If not, you’ll be presented with a dialogue which tells you that you currently have no friends!

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