Importing Gamer Graph Package into Unity

  1. After dragging and dropping the GG Unity package in your project, a screen like below appears.
  2. Go ahead and click import.

Figure 1 : Importing Gamer Graph Package

Setting Your Publisher Key and Game Key

  1. Go to your project panel. 
  2. Click Assets -> Gamergraph -> Profiles.
  3. Click on GamergraphProfile.

Figure 2 : Initial Step I

In the inspector pane, you’ll see the gamergraph profile as shown below.

Figure 3 : Gamer Graph Profile

Adding the Publisher Key and the Game Key

The publisher key is found at the top of every page of the publish portal.

The game key is found in the Games List, or in Edit Game


  1. Fill out the GAME KEY and PUBLISHER KEY here which can be found on the GAMERGRAPH PORTAL after setting up your game in the portal.
  2. Make sure you either have GG_CORE or GG_ZEROFRICTION prefab before doing anything in your game scene.
  3. You only need to drag and drop GG_CORE or GG_ZEROFRICTION prefabs in the initial scene (the very first scene) of your game. 

Figure 4 : Key Point ( Sign Up / Log In )

  1. If you want to go with the standard way of logging in, i.e. you want the player to sign up and log in, GG_CORE is for you!
  2. If you want the signup/sign in process to be auto, where you don’t want the user to know about this process, GG_ZEROFRICTION is for you!

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