Game Analytics Made Easy

Use game insights to understand your players and how they play your games.

Game insights give you player trends and specific insights so you understand how players interact with your game.

Armed with this data, you can create a better player experience that will increase playtime and reduce churn.
Zero-friction Setup

Connect your game to GamerGraph using an Unreal blueprint, Unity Prefab, or a few lines of your own code. As soon as the game is played, your dashboard is immediately populated with data in simple, easy-to-read graphs that function in real-time.

Custom Actions

You can create unlimited custom actions that identify and track unique activities in your game — data that matters to you and about your game. GamerGraph’s in-the-box metrics are awesome, but specifics are the key to understanding your game.

Continuous Insights

As a cloud service, GamerGraph continuously analyzes all activity happening in your game, which helps you identify player trends over time. No need to manage or configure anything — you have complete visibility into your game and your players.

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