Cloud Ops

You want to focus on building great games, not managing servers

GamerGraph is a fully scalable cloud platform that adheres to security and compliance frameworks.

You don't need to build, configure, or manage a backend. Once connected, you have always-on access to your game analytics without having to manage anything.
Scalable platform

As a cloud service, GamerGraph frees game developers from the onerous tasks of spinning up servers, managing configurations, integrating tools, and scaling to meet new demand. Simply connect via our API, or with our Unity or Unreal Engine plugins, and you have comprehensive analytics capabilities in a matter of minutes.

Game backend services

All the things you need to run a multiplayer - or even single player - game’s backend is provided for you. No need to build servers, track player movement, leaderboards - all of it is done for you.

Continuous feature innovation

The GamerGraph team is continuously adding new features to our platform that ensure game developers are always using the most up-to-date analytics technology. As a cloud service, these features are seamlessly rolled-out, and require not additional work from developers to adopt them.


GamerGraph manages data privacy and other regulations for a variety of compliance frameworks, including GDPR and CCPA. Player and game data is protected and adheres to any and all compliance changes. 

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