Build Better Games

Use game data to reduce churn, increase playtime, and personalize the player experience.

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A new approach to backend services that simplifies game operations, increases player retention, and enhances player engagement.

Game Analytics

Instant, real-time reports and analytics for features, player behavior, game performance, and monetization.

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Cloud Ops

Fully scalable cloud platform that adheres to security and compliance frameworks. You don't need to build, configure, or manage a backend.

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Continuous Insights

Always-on access to game data through visual heatmaps and dashboards that identify activity and behavior trends.

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Social Mechanics

Pre-built social modules you can use to rapidly increase engagement across more players and improve game marketability.

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How GamerGraph Works

No need to configure or manage servers or integrations. Simply connect your game to the GamerGraph cloud platform, and in less than 2 minutes, you’ll have real-time access to comprehensive player and game analytics.

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Connect your game  via our Unity 3D or Unreal plugins, or through our open API. 


Dashboard and heatmaps identify behaviors, performance, and social activity.


Continuous data collection begins immediately - see how players engage.


Use player insights to build better games - improve engagement, increase adoption, and eliminate churn.

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